What is "Dissolve Sketch Text?"

Main model









When adding text to a part, SolidWorks has made the task simple.Text is added by using the ‘Annotation’ feature in the Sketch Command Manager. Text can be used with Extrude Boss/Base or Extruded Cut.


Annotation in CM








For this example, a guide curve was used to position the text.













Notice the test is all one Annotation entity. For some applications, text is best utilized when it’s a series of splines and lines. To do this, right-mouse click on the text and pick Dissolve Sketch Text in the menu.

Dissolve text rmc









The Annotation is now converted into lines and splines. 

Text after dissolve









Note: Dissolve Sketch Text cannot be undone.

After the Dissolve was added, the Extruded Boss phsically looks the same.

After dissolve









Judy Marlo
CATI Application Engineer

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