What makes me qualified to post Redneck Workarounds (Week 2)

Last week I had posted one of my personal Redneck Workarounds and forewarned everyone that I would be posting additional ones so here is this week’s installment.

Painting – I was painting stairwell in my house that is over 15’ from the ground to the ceiling I was able to use a roller on a pole for the walls, one of those fancy pads with rollers to cut in along the ceiling but the problem I ran into was how to paint the inside corners without having to go out to the store and by more stuff. So I took a brush that I used for cutting in around the trim and some blue painters tape (I would have used duct tape but that would have meant I had to walk to the garage) and taped the brush to the pole. This worked great except for the fact that the pole was 8’ long so I put my paint tray on the other side of the room. You should of see the looks I got from my wife while I was swinging an 8’pole with a brush covered in paint around the house, thanks god for hard wood floors as it is easier to clean the drips of paint up off the floor.

Remember that it is easier, more adventuress and sometimes more dangerous to work with the tools at hand than to walk 15 feet to get the proper tool for the job.

Josh Altergott – CATI Support Team Leader

, What makes me qualified to post Redneck Workarounds (Week 2)

(no this is not my car, I took it while driving @ 80mph on the way home from a NASCAR race )

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