What the Font?!

Ooo a crazy new font you want in SOLIDWORKS, but where does it go? SOLIDWORKS doesn't have it's own font directory so it borrows them from the C:WindowsFont directory. Easy enough, but wait it still doesn't show up, now what?

SOLIDWORKS supports Only True Type font. OpenType fonts resemble TrueType fonts but they can contain either TrueType or PostScript Type 1 font data. OpenType fonts containing TrueType outlines use the same .TTF filename extension as TrueType fonts, these fonts will work in SOLIDWORKS where as PostScript OpenType file names use .OTF as extension that will not work in SolidWorks.

So in other words SOLIDWORKS only uses .ttf font files. Even then there are some fonts that have been held back from use in sketch text, and others due to a small fix needed for Windows 7 machines.

John Van Engen
Technical Analyst
CATI Tech Support

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