What to do when your SNL manager doesn't keep your server name?

More than a few times I have encountered this problem. Say you have had a stroke of luck and you finally get the server upgrade you have been waiting for. Transferring the activation from the old server to the new server goes great except the end users can't get a license. Now what?

On the end user machine you have gone in and switched the server name to the new host but for some reason… it won't stay. The user has local admin permissions and still can't get this to write.

So here is where we have to take things into our own hands. Make sure the SolidNetwork License Manager is closed. Taking advantage of the end user local admin or loging in with admin permissions proceed to the registry editor.

DANGER!! DANGER!! If you are not familiar with editing the registry STOP HERE!!! Let somebody qualified do this step for you…

Go to:
Start>type regedit
Software, FLEXlm License Manager
Double click SW_D_LICENSE_FILE enter the new sever information example 25734@mynewservername

Open the SolidNetwork License Manager, go to server list. It should now be the new location. Click on license usage tab, it should now show license availability.

If you wish you can deploy the changed registry settings to your other machines by using regedit right click the FLEXlm License Manager and choose export. This will allow you to save a file on the desktop or server location and then it can be e-mailed or direct people to it on the network. A double click of this file will import it into the current machine registry.

Enjoy your Spring!!
John Van Engen
CATI Tech Support

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