What's New In SOLIDWORKS 2013 - Administrative Image Option Editor

What’s new in
Solidworks 2013  -  Administrative Image Option Editor


How have you rolled out your Admin images? Scripts ? Active
 ? leave it up to users? No matter which way, it hasn’t been as easy
as it should. Welcome 2013!

2013 now supports push install and uninstall using the
options editor. Simple! Support is now available to push install for clients and users that do not have
administrative privileges (Vista & Win7).A new “Deploy Automatically” page now allows this to happen.

The install uses the Microsoft task scheduler on each system
without user interaction. The only drawback is that the Admin server and
client must be on the same Microsoft Active Domain.



It may not look like much, but if you ever went through an
Active Directory deploy, you will defiantly appreciate this new enhancement!


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