What's New in Enterprise PDM 2012?


ENOVIA2012 Administration Tool Features

Administrators have even more control over menu's, user names and improved replication.

Customize Enterprise PDM Menus


  • Customize how menus and submenus are displayed in the Windows Explorer User Interface.
  • Change the available commands and command order for menus on the

    Enterprise PDM Menu bar:

  • Customize shortcut menus in the File View pane when selecting files and folders.
  • Copy custom menus to share with other users



Display Full User Names in the User Interface


Make it easier to identify who is using a file by specifying that the full names of users are displayed throughout the user interface.




Replication Failover


Replication has been made more fault-tolerant to handle WAN scenarios where not all

servers are available at all times.

ENOVIA2012 File Explorer and SolidWorks Add-in Features

Users have even more options for fast and efficient work.

Browse to Option


Open a new window on "browse to" is now optional from the contains and where used tabs of the File Explorer View.


Exporting Indented Bill of Materials


You can preserve the indented structure of an Enterprise PDM computed bill of materials (BOM) or a saved BOM when you export it to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


Searching within File-based Dialog Boxes


Search now from within SolidWorks file-based dialog boxes, such as Open, Save As, Insert, and Replace. In addition, you can search from within the Open and Save As dialog boxes from other applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.




Version Toggle to Where Used Tab


New toggle options are available on the Where Used and Contains tabs to adjust the results for versions and configurations.




Dialog Box Toolbars


A toolbar has been added to the dialog boxes you use to manipulate groups of files. This makes it easier to access commands that were previously only available through a shortcut menu.



ENOVIAOther Improvements in 2012

Product Support


SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2012 offers expanded support for CAD systems, Microsoft® Office, Internet Explorer®, and 64-bit processors.


System Performance


System performance has been improved for users working with large data sets and users working remotely with Copy Tree and template-created documents.


Web Client Access Extended


The SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Editor license now includes access to the Enterprise PDM Web Client.

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