What's new in SolidWorks 2011 Enterprise PDM

So this topic has been briefly covered in the past but with a truck load of new innovations to solve customer problems and enhanced functionality that is more productive and easier to use, I will rip off a theme from a Late Night host and give a quick break down of my Top 5 "Coolest  Stuff Added to SolidWorks 2011 Enterprise PDM".  (I guess it's only cool if you're  a Tech nerd like me)

Number 5: Faster user definition (Admin Tool)

  • Group import from Active Directory including user email addresses and user group affiliation

Number 4: Overwriting versions

  • Ability to select latest version with options or all versions to update with the option to update earlier versions if still referenced.  Along with the option to include older versions if revision is attached
  • Eliminates creating new versions and changing references which helps manage archive storage requirements

Number 3: SolidWorks Design Checker Task

  • Design Checker can now be kicked off by EPDM.  If you're not familiar, this enables companies to automatically analyze documents based on your company standards. This functionality can be initiated by users or workflow transitions

Number 2: Improved Menu Organization 

  • Allows the nesting of Search Favorites, provides a shorter user friendly right click menu, and utilize a new Action Toolbar for common tasks.

Number 1: File Reference Management

  • Find missing file references either inside or outside the Enterprise PDM vault with the new Update References tool.  So in short,  you can link parent documents to existing vaulted files and add files referenced outside EPDM.  This one is a real time saver…..nice job DS/SolidWorks!



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