What's recently new in 3DCreator (xDesign)

As you have probably noticed, most all of the blogs here during this time of year are focused on the “What’s New” in SOLIDWORKS 2022.   We are able to discuss these things intelligently because the BETA version of SOLIDWORKS 2022 has been out for a few months and the What’s New features are all very well documented.  For 3DEXPERIENCE Products, things are a little different however. 3DEXPERIENCE is on a different release schedule than traditional SOLIDWORKS.  Although this year for the first time they ARE coordinating the “major release (2022)” of BOTH products to Thanksgiving Weekend, there are 6-7 fairly major updates for 3DEXPERIENCE throughout a year (about every 2 months).  Because there is not a beta or anything for it however, we won’t really know what is “new” in the 3DEXPERIENCE Products until sometime in mid-November.  But don’t worry, we just had a Functional Delivery (point release) about a month ago!  3DX 2021 FD07.

Here are 2 fairly major “what new” items for 3DCreator (xDesign) in that most recent release:

  • A streamlined sketching environment with a new ability to enter a dimension value during entity creation.
  • Access to thousands of supplier components from PartSupply with a simple drag and drop into your design.

After Thanksgiving weekend there will be a lot more to report on the 3DEXPERIENCE products and “What’s New” in the 3DX 2022 FD0 release!

Randy Simmons
Sr. Application Engineer, Strategic Solutions
Computer Aided Technology

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