Where Did the Color Go?

, Where Did the Color Go?, Where Did the Color Go?Where_did_the_color_go Many users notice as they start working in SOLIDWORKS 2008, that their Edit Color and Edit Texture options are grayed out and inaccessible.  This is due to the new RealView appearances added in 2008.  In SOLIDWORKS 2008, you can either be in a mode to Edit Color and/or Texture, or you are in RealView mode and can edit the RealView appearance.  If you are using RealView, the colors and textures are disregarded and are not modifiable.  Instead, a RealView appearance is used.  The RealView appearance includes a material finish, transparency setting, and color.  The mapping of the appearance onto the model can also be modified.

, Where Did the Color Go?  Color_texture_off

If RealView has been turned off, you can then edit the colors and textures as done in prior versions of SolidWorks.  The RealView appearance is then ignored and the colors and textures are seen instead.

, Where Did the Color Go? Color_texture_2  , Where Did the Color Go?

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Leslie Lougheed

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