Where did the scroll bars go?

, Where did the scroll bars go?
Many users transitioning from SOLIDWORKS 2007 to 2008 have been asking "Where did the scroll bars go?" Well, they were removed, either by accident or on purpose the world may never know. But the good news is that starting with SOLIDWORKS 2008 SP2.0 they are back!! However you still need to find how to turn them on. So here’s how to get it back.

Under the Tools, Options, System
Options, Display/Selection menu:

The third check box from the bottom reads "Display scrollbars
in graphics view."
 Please note that this option cannot be checked or unchecked while
a SOLIDWORKS file is opened, meaning you will have to close all SOLIDWORKS files to modify
this option. While at this point there is nothing open anyway, change this option then close SOLIDWORKS to let the change get saved to your registry settings. Then re-open your SOLIDWORKS and enjoy your scroll bar freedom!!

John Van Engen
Technical Analyst

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