Why Automate Your Designs With DriveWorks?

There are several good reasons why companies want to
automate what they do:

  • Reduce the cost of custom
  • Respond quickly to sales
  • Enhance product quality
  • Reduce repetitive tasks 

The Benefits of DriveWorks

  • DriveWorks lets you capture and
    re-use knowledge and rules to specify, design and engineer to order
  • It allows you to respond
    quickly to sales enquiries
  • DriveWorks can capture and protect
    individual's knowledge
  • It reduces cost of custom
    design repetitive tasks
  • DriveWorks can enhance the
    product quality/audit trail by elminating human error
  • It bridges the gap between the
    engineering and sales departments
  • DriveWorks offers a scalable
    solution all the way to 3D configuration on the web!

Jim TeDesco
Marketing Manager
Computer Aided Technology, Inc. 

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