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The support team at Inflow Technology receives many calls a month on workgroup PDM related issues. Depending on an issue's repetitiveness, we are starting a series on the top FAQs and we will add new ones on a regular basis. We hope this post will benefit the users and administrators of these applications.

Workgroup PDM - FAQ #1

Question : Vault admin tool is missing after upgrading Workgroup to new version.

Solution : With the DVD inserted, modify the SolidWorks install in add/remove programs, expand the Solidworks explorer tree and check "Vault admin..". If 64-bit, also select the x64 vault admin option.

Workgroup PDM – FAQ #2

Question : Out of space on the existing workgroup server, need to move to a different server.

Solution : Use the following process to move workgroup server to a different machine :

  1. Stop the PDM Workgroup service (Windows services)
  2. Create a back up of the vault data folder
  3. Restore the vault data folder to the new location or server
  4. Install PDM Workgroup Server on the new server and during the install, you will be prompted to provide the location where the vault data will be installed. Browse to the NEW location of the vault. This will use the existing data instead of installing a new empty vault.
  5. The service will start after installation and the vault will be running in the new location.
  6. Clients will need to change the name of the vault server in the login window during the first login.

Workgroup PDM – FAQ #3

Question : Need to move the vault from one drive to another on the same server. For eg. C: drive to E: drive as C: is out of space…


Solution : If you are moving the vault to a different location on the same server :

  1. Stop the PDM workgroup service (Windows services)
  2. Copy the vault data to designated location.
  3. Modify registry (type 'regedit' in Windows search) as follows –

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareSolidWorksSolidWorks 20XXPDMWorks WorkgroupServer and modify the RootPath key to point to the new VaultData folder.

  4. Start the workgroup service.
  5. Test and confirm before deleting the vault folder from the old drive.
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