monoFab SRM-20

A compact, easy, powerful and affordable 3D milling machine

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A compact, easy, powerful and affordable 3D milling machine

As a small milling machine, the SRM-20 offers compact size and powerful functionality at an affordable price. Production of realistic parts and prototypes is made simple and convenient with a device that fits into any office, home, or classroom environment. For users looking for advanced milling capabilities without the need for expert operating skills, the SRM-20 is the easiest and most precise CNC mill in its class.

  • On demand production of parts, tools, product prototypes, etc.
  • Simplified operation for users of all abilities
  • Powerful spindle motor
  • Improved spindle and collet system
  • Reduced noise and dust prevention from fully enclosed cover
  • Software suite with latest SRP Player software
  • Max. work area 8" (X) by 6" (Y) by 2.38" (Z)

Superior Reliability and Support
The monoFab SRM-20 offers reliable technology backed by unmatched customer service and technical support, and comes with a comprehensive one-year manufacturer’s warranty.Roland DG international ISO certifications are your guarantee of superior quality.

XYZ Operation Strokes

8 x 6 x 2.38 in
(203.2 x 152.4 x 60.5 mm)

Table Size

9.14 (X) x 6.17 (Y) in
232.2 (X) x 156.6 (Y) mm

Operating Speed

0.24 – 70.87inch/min,
6 – 1800mm/min

Spindle Rotation Speed

Adjustable 3,000 – 7,000 rpm

DGSHAPE By Roland monoFab SRM-20 CNC Mill

Software Resolution

RML-1: 0.000039 inches/step (0.01 mm/step)
NC Code: 0.000039 inches/step (0.001mm/step)

Dimensions (WDH)

17.76 x 16.80 x 16.78 in
(451.0 x 426.6 x 426.2 mm)
43.2 lbs (19.6 kg)

Mechanical Resolution

0.0000393 inches/step
0.000998594 mm/step

Full Technical Specifications Below

Download Modela monoFab SRM-20 Brochure

Create Realistic Prototypes

A wide range of materials, including modeling wax, chemical wood, foam, acrylic, poly acetate, ABS and PC board can be precision milled using the SRM-20 small milling machine, allowing you to create realistic 3D prototypes that are virtually identical to production parts.

Precision and Productivity

Engineered for optimum efficiency and productivity, the SRM-20 is a next-generation desktop mill that boasts a micro-step motor drive system for clean and precise contours and a phenomenal feed rate that’s two times faster than previous generations.

Multi-axis milling is as easy as X, Y and Z

The SRM-20 was designed with a number of technological advancements that include a touch-button VPanel controller to regulate feed rate, spindle speed and milling on a complete X, Y, Z axes, and a new independent collet system that allows for faster setting of the Z-axis base point and quick tool changes.

Independent Collet System for Efficient Milling

It’s no longer necessary to change spindles every time there’s a different end mill shank diameter. Now you can replace the collet chuck in order to match the shank diameter for fast setting of the Z-axis base point and for quick tool changes.

The Clean Machine

The SRM-20 has a fully-enclosed cabinet that reduces dust and noise and features a side-window for easy progress viewing. It also features an intelligent safety interlock to that automatically pauses the machine when the cover is opened, permitting milling to resume upon closing the cover and selecting “continue”.

Other Distinguishing Features

  • Subtractive prototyping of complex snap-fits
  • Maximum Axes Operation: 8″(x) x 6″(y) x 2.38″(z)
  • Bundled software suite including SRP Player
  • Powerful spindle motor
  • Independent collet system
  • G-Code Compatible

Included Software for Experts and Beginners

SRP Player CAMsrp player

From design to mill in three simple steps. Roland’s MDX rapid prototyping machines come complete with SRP Player Software to prepare your CAD model for RP manufacturing with no programming skills required.

Step 1 – Design
Design your 3D CAD model and export it as an .STL, .DXF, .3DM, or .IGS/.IGES file.
Step 2 – Import
Open the file in Roland SRP Player software and simply use the five-step wizard to process the data for your Roland MDX rapid prototyping machine. You don’t have to worry about feeds and speeds, cut depth, surface selection or G-Code programming: SRP Player does it all for you!
Step 3 – Mill
SRP Player automatically generates machine tool paths and a finished preview. Just click Send to Machine to mill a prototype with smooth surfaces and tight tolerances from your choice of material.

ClickMillroland clickmill

ClickMill Software provides direct control of the for surfacing, drilling holes, cutting pockets and other finishing processes, all without having to access CAD or CAM software.

G Code Supportroland cnc g-code support

Each CNC Mill supports the G-code NC programming language, making it well suited for both professional and educational applications.

Virtual Control Panel (VPanel)mdx-50

VPanel serves as a computer-based virtual control panel with all of the functionality of the physical on-board control panel, as well as tool life management and e-mail alerts.


Produce More Prototypes with More Materials

The SRM-20 portable milling machine can mill a broad range of materials, including modeling wax, chemical wood, foam, acrylic, poly acetate, ABS and PC board. The following items are just some of the prototypes and applications made possible:

  • Product inventions
  • Wax molds for casting
  • Tools and machinery
  • Relief plaques and graphics Vehicle prototypes
  • Game and model parts
  • Fine Art
  • …and much more!
Cuttable Material Modeling Wax, Chemical Wood, Foam, Acrylic, Poly acetate, ABS, PC board
X, Y, and Z Operation Strokes 8 (X) x 6 (Y) x 2.38 (Z) inches,
203.2 (X) x 152.4 (Y) x 60.5 (Z) mm
Workpiece table size 9.14 (X) x 6.17 (Y) inches,
232.2 (X) x 156.6 (Y) mm
Distance From Collet Tip to Table Maximum, 5.15 in
Loadable Workpiece Weight 4.4 lbs (2kg)
X-, Y-, and Z-Axis Drive System Stepping motor
Operating Speed 0.24 – 70.87inch/min,
6 – 1800mm/min
Software Resolution 0.000039 inches/step (RML-1), 0.000039 inches/step (NC code),
0.01 mm/step (RML-1), 0.001mm/step (NC code)
Mechanical Resolution 0.0000393 inches/step,
0.000998594 mm/step
Spindle Motor DC motor Type 380
Spindle Rotation Speed Adjustable 3,000 – 7,000 rpm
Cutting Tool Chuck Collet method
Interface USB
Control Command Sets RML-1, NC code
Power Requirements Machine: DC24V, 2.5A,
Dedicated AC adapter: AC 100-240V ±10%, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Approx. 50W
Operating Noise During operation: 65 dB (A) or less (when not cutting),
during standby: 45 dB (A) or less
External Dimensions 17.76 (W) x 16.80 (D) x 16.78 (H) inches,
451.0 (W) x 426.6 (D) x 426.2 (H) mm
Weight 43.2 lbs, 19.6 kg
Installation Environment Temperature of 41 to 104 °F (5 to 40°C),
35 to 80% relative humidity (no condensation)
Included Items USB cable, AC adapter, Power cord, Cutting tool, Collet, Set
screw, Spanners (7,10mm / 0.28, 0.39 inches), Hexagonal
wrench (size 2,3 mm / 0.059, 0.12 inches), Positioning pins,
Double-sided tape, Start-up page guidance card
System Requirements
Operating system (OS) Windows 7/8/8.1 (32-bit/64-bit edition)*
CPU Intel® Core 2 Duo or more (Core i5 or more recommended)
Memory (RAM) 1GB (2GB or more recommended)
Video card and monitor A resolution of 1,280×1,024 or more recommended
Free hard-disk space required
as a working space
100 megabytes or more recommende
Other requirements Internet connection and web browser,
Internet Explorer version 10 or more recommended