Preview SOLIDWORKS 2017

The features highlighted on this website are just a small taste of the hundreds of enhancements and new features in SOLIDWORKS 2017. Don’t worry we host launch events in a city near you where you can learn about all of the new capabilities we couldn’t fit here, including:

  • New innovative capabilities that address PCB design, electro-mechanical, IoT and more.
  • More core power and performance to unleash new possibilities.
  • Powerful validation and simulation capabilities for creating breakthrough designs.
  • Design workflows to remove barriers when working with third-party data.
  • Data integration from concept through manufacturing.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Datasheets


SOLIDWORKS Solutions Datasheet
SOLIDWORKS Premium Datasheet
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Datasheet
SOLIDWORKS Technical Communications Datasheet
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Datasheet

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2017
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