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3D Viewing on your iPhone or iPod touch


Brace yourself…this is really cool.

Dassault Systemes, developer of leading software solutions such as SolidWorks and Enovia SmarTeam, has released a free 3D Viewer for your iPhone or iPod touch.  It is compatible with many file types, but most notably those created by 3DVia Composer.

Picture this scenario:

  1. Convert your 3D model in to a Composer format
  2. Upload on to your iPod
  3. Snap a photo of your environment
  4. Place your model in to the photo, creating the illusion of your virtual model existing in the photo environment
  5. Use this on a sales call
  6. Wow your prospect and make the sale
  7. Single-handedly end the recession

OK, maybe it's not that easy…or is it?

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