Did you miss it? SOLIDWORKS World 2011! I did


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Just like you, I was unable to attend this year's wonderful SOLIDWORKS World Conference in sunny San Antonio, TX. Someone had to hold down the fort, although it would have been nice to meet Kevin Bacon. If your thirst for SOLIDWORKS is great, well you are in luck. All the breakout sessions, which are jammed pack with info, are available from SOLIDWORKS World 2009, 2010 & 2011. So if you missed my presentation at 2010 SWW, you can get that too. That and check out the list that our tech team gave this year.

Drawings: Template & Sheet Format Setup

Jim Krivoshein

How to Prepare for Your Enterprise PDM Implementation

Justin Webster

Redneck Workarounds: Creative Solutions to Everyday Problems

Todd Werginz and Josh Altergott

DriveWorksXpress Hands-on Test Drive

Jake Smith

Maximizing SolidWorks' Performance

Adrian Fanjoy and Josh Altergott

Design-Tables the Complete Story: How to Build and Maintain Effective Design-Tables

Josh Altergott

Preparation of Imported Geometry for Molding

Todd Werginz

The World is Non Linear

Rajat Trehan

SOLIDWORKS World Presentations 


Bob McGaughey, CSWE

Solution Technical Manager