3DVIA Composer Running on a Mac!


3DVIA Composer is a terrific solution for an often overlooked area of innovation in product development companies–technical documentation and publication. This includes shopfloor assembly instructions, customer manuals, maintenance instructions and marketing content.IMG00190-20110922-1530
In many cases, technical publishing teams are running Apple Mac hardware. Just set up Composer on my 2 year old MacBook Pro ( 4GB RAM, OS 10.6.8, Intel Core 2 Duo, Nvidia GeForce 9400M video,250GB HD). I am running Windows 7 with VMWare 4. Turned on the 3D Acceleration in VMWare as well and got good results. I have included a short video below, enjoy:


Rich Werneth



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  1. Rich, thanks for helping out on Tech Support. Your the only one in the company with a Mac, you have to do the Mac support. BTW, if you are going to make a habit of this, you should get Camtasia or what ever the MAC equivalent is. The iPad video is OK, but it is a bit shaky. 😉

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