2012 Toolbox Hotfix 627753

Many of you launching SOLIDWORKS 2012 SP0.0 will be receiving a message box prompting you to install a hotfix for Toolbox. This message is sent to you via the RSS news feeds on your task pane. The option for this is shown in the background tools>options>general> “Show latest news feeds in task pane”. The message box is on top of the options menu in this screen shot.

Hotfix message

The message is alerting you to update to the hotfix and contains a link to a SOLIDWORKS knowledge base solution article that contains the hotfix_627753.exe file and a link to the installation pdf file for this hotfix.

This hotfix is only necessary if the information in the message applies to you. If you installed a new 2012 toolbox without updating a 2010 or 2011 toolbox or a new 2012 install on a new machine do not have to worry about this. Also this fix is included in SOLIDWORKS 2012 SP1.0 which will be fully released soon as it is in early visibility right now.

This installation will fix the toolbox listed in your Hole Wizard/Toolbox file location. If you are pointed to a network shared toolbox it only needs to be done once. So have your CAD Admin take care of it. Also a backup copy of your toolbox is suggested. So go to your toolbox file location and copy the SOLIDWORKS Data folder to someplace safe or zip it up for backup.

If you need this fix it will take about 10 minutes to install. If you haven’t noticed an issue by now you can probably just wait until 2012 SP1.0 is released to get the updates.

Thank you,
John Van Engen
CATI Tech Support

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