SOLIDWORKS Opening Multiple Sessions – Part 2


In my previous blog, I showed how to correct the issue of SolidWorks opening multiple session when opening files from Windows Explorer. This referred to issues with the windows file extensions.

There is also another possibility that that can cause this issue. 

SOLIDWORKS 2013 (2014)  introduces a new application called the SOLIDWORKS Launcher that helps opening files from different SW versions in the appropriate SOLIDWORKS version (when multiple SW versions are installed).

By default, on a system with SOLIDWORKS 2013 installed, SOLIDWORKS file types should be associated to the Launcher (swshellfilelauncher.exe) and when opening files using double-click or right-click Open they should open in same SOLIDWORKS session (SLDWORKS.EXE).


However, if the file types are associated directly to the SOLIDWORKS 2013 (sldworks.exe) application instead, the files may open in separate background SOLIDWORKS sessions instead of the existing open session when you double-click the files.


To correct the file associations, do as follows:

1. Close all sldworks.exe sessions via task manager.

2. Start SOLIDWORKS 2013 as an administrator (browse to the SOLIDWORKS install folder, right-click sldworks.exe, select “Run as administrator”).


3. Select Tools, Options, “Restore File Associations”.


4. Close SolidWorks.

5. Browse to a SOLIDWORKS part (sldprt) file in a local Windows folder, right-click, select “Open With”, Select “Choose default program”.



6. Select to use the “SOLIDWORKS Launcher” (or use the Browse button, browse to the SOLIDWORKS 2013    install folder and select “swfilelauncher.exe”). Mark “always use the selected program for this kind of file”. Press OK


7. Repeat this procedure with a sldasm and slddrw file.

8. The files should open in same SW session from now on.