Stratasys 3D Printing: FDM Printer Head Jams – A Simple Solution


FDM Printer Head Jams – A Simple Solution

If your FDM head is frequently jamming there may be a simple solution.

This can only be done on the Stratasys uPrint, Dimension 1200 and Fortus 250mc systems.

Over time, the Z axis will become uncalibrated.  This can happen by itself over time or be caused by reusing build trays.  The Solution is to run a Z calibration.  This will insure that the tips are printing at the proper height away from the part.  When the Z axis is off, the tips may print too close to the part causing the material to back up into the head.




Z calibration

The Calibration will take about 10 minutes and can be run unattended.  This calibration MUST be ran using an unused build tray.


Dave Murawski
Computer Aided Technology