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SOLIDWORKS: Creating Virtual Sharps


SOLIDWORKS: Creating Virtual Sharps


A common task for us is dimensioning to a point that exists where two edges, lines, arcs, and/or curves would intersect if those entities were extended. This is called a “virtual sharp” in SOLIDWORKS and is a useful reference in drawings and sketches. Some people may call it a Theoretical Sharp.


Let’s take a look at how we can create them in a part and drawing file.


When creating Virtual Sharps in the part file, you need to be in a sketch. Control Select the two entities used to create the sharp and then click the Point icon.




Click the green check mark and BAM there it is. You have just created a Virtual Sharp.




Do the exact same process as the part file in a drawing file. But here’s the cool part. You can add a dimension while creating the Virtual Sharp.


Get into Smart Dimension, hover over one of the entities and right click. Select Find Intersection.




Select the second entity. This will place the Virtual Sharp and pre-select it ready to dimension. Click the entity you want to dimension to, position dimension and there you have it. Virtual Sharp and dimension added at the same time.




One last thing. You can change the Virtual Sharp type. With a document open, click Options, Document Properties and about half way down on the left click Virtual Sharps.




Whoop there it is, another awesome tool from SOLIDWORKS.



Roger Ruffin
Application Engineer
Computer Aided Technology

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