F123 Series 3D Printers Touchscreen Calibration


At some point you may need to calibrate the touchscreen on your F123 Series Printer. It is recommended that you use a stylus for this procedure or a pencil eraser if a stylus is not available. Extreme care should be taken when running the calibration as it could cause button inaccuracies and may make the panel unusable. However, there is a way to recover from this as I will explain later.

If you are able to use the touchscreen but the touch is just slightly off and you want to correct it, click on the Tools Icon-then Calibration-then touchscreen calibration. It will ask if you are sure you want to calibrate the screen, press Accept. A dialog will display with the instructions. Touch the center of the calibration point with a stylus or a pencil eraser. Do this for the remaining calibration points. The graphic displayed on the dialog box shows you the time remaining to touch the calibration point before it times out. The circle will fill in until the time is up. If you wish to stop the calibration just let it timeout and you could start over if necessary.

The timer resets for each of the calibration points. Once finished, your calibration settings will be saved and the dialog box will close. You will be returned to the calibration page. If for some reason you have calibrated the panel and now it will not work or if you have a new printer and the touchscreen is not working you can calibrate the touchscreen during the Startup of the printer.

Touchscreen Calibration From Startup

1.Power on the printer.

2.Watch the touchscreen display; when the color Stratasys logo appears, tap the touchscreen.

3.When taps are detected on the touchscreen a message stating to tap once more will appear. Tap the touchscreen one more time.

4.Using a stylus, touch the screen in the center of the calibration point displayed.

5. Repeat this process for the remaining calibration points (1 point for each of the 4 corners of the screen

Note:The graphic displayed within the center of the dialog represents the time remaining before the touchscreen calibration times out. The black portion will fill the perimeter of the gray circle in a clockwise direction. You must touch the calibration point displayed within the screen before the black portion of the graphic completes a full circle. The timer will reset for each of the 4 calibration points displayed. If you wish to exit the page without calibrating the screen simply wait until the black portion of the graphic completes a full circle; the dialog will close and you will be returned to the Calibration page.

Once finished, your calibration settings will be saved and the dialog will close