3D Printed Haute Couture at Paris Fashion Week

We already know that 3D printing is revitalizing technical fields like manufacturing and medical technologies, but as Paris Fashion Week suggests, 3D printers are making a splash in the art world as well.

Using Stratasys and Materialise technologies and some technical minds, Dutch designer Iris van Herpen created two different 3D printed pieces for her Paris Fashion Week runway show. The customization of 3D printing allowed Herpen to control the exact shape she wanted, allowed her a level of intricacy that most seamstresses would find daunting, and the Objet Connex 3D printers’ ability to print with multiple materials at once gave the clothes a textured and sophisticated look.

As CNET suggests in its coverage of the dresses: “Before too long, techy women may just print out that little black dress instead of buying it at a store.


3D Printed Dress

What do you think, Funtech fans? Would you wear either of these (or print them for the women in your lives)? How about more street-friendly and less high-fashion versions?

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Or check out our complete selection of Stratasys 3D printers, including the Connex line used to produce the dresses above.

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