3DQuickPress V6 What's New – Strip Layout Components

Strip components can be used to represent patterned features along the progressing direction with the spacing equal to the progression pitch, like pilots and lifters. A strip component feature will be attached with a sketch to represent the size and shape of this strip component.


  1. RMB on the Strip Components icon in the strip layout feature tree, select Insert Strip Components.
  2. Select the highlighted face as the fixed face and click OK.


  3. Select a predefined sketch as the Component Sketch.


  4. Enter 9 for this illustration as the Number of Instance, enter station 1 as the Start Position.
  5. If there is any instance that you want to skip, select the sketch display on station 3 as the Instance to Skip.


  6. Check the PRL File option to activate menu.
  7. Select the PRL template Pilot-01.


  8. Click OK to create the strip component feature.
  9. Create or switch to punch design assembly.
  10. Click Create UDC SolidWorks on the 3DQuickPress PRL toolbar.
  11. Select the sketch symbol of strip component 2.


  12. Click OKSolidWorks to create the pilot component pattern with the 2nd instance skipped


Ronnie C. Flaugh

Technical Analyst

Strategic Technology Solutions

Computer Aided Technology, Inc

What's New SOLIDWORKS 2015




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