4 Steps to Download CST Studio Suite & Antenna Magus FREE!

Student editions of CST Studio Suite and Antenna Magus are available to you free of charge!

You don’t need affiliation with an academic institution to try out CST Studio Suite and Antenna Magus for free. Just follow these easy steps to sign up and check it out!

STEP 1: Create a free 3DS account

Follow this link and sign up for a 3DS account. It’s free and immediate.

signing up for a 3ds account

STEP 2: Click the software links

Follow the link for CST Studio Suite or Antenna Magus (or both!) and accept the license agreement.

ds license agreement

STEP 3: Download your software

You should see the download link right there in the download center. If you lose track of this page after you’ve made your free Student Edition “purchase”, refer back to this page and the link mentioned in this section.

3ds software downloads

STEP 4: Start learning

There are plenty of tutorials of example problems that are available to you at the DS Resource Center. They feature extensive textual and graphical explanation, videos, and input deck downloads.

cst studio suite example problem

CAE is essential to modern engineering, but it’s an ever-changing landscape of infinite possibilities. So let us get to know you, and we will figure out a world-class software solution unique to your needs and couple it with excellent pricing and reliable support.

CST Studio Suite

cst studio suite far field blockage
The CST Studio Suite Student Edition introduces you to the world of electromagnetic simulation, making Maxwell’s equations easier to understand than ever. With this free edition you have – bar some restrictions – access to our powerful visualization engine and some of the most advanced solvers of CST Studio Suite.

To accompany the CST Studio Suite Student Edition, we have prepared some examples, which are typical of the type of textbook problems you may encounter during your studies of electromagnetic theory or other related courses. Each tutorial includes a descriptive text, a CST Studio Suite file and also a short video showing how to construct each of the models.

CST Studio Suite Student Edition is ideal for use as part of coursework as well as for anyone wishing to become more proficient with CST Studio Suite.

Even if you are not affiliated with an academic institution, you can immediately download the CST Studio Suite Student Edition for free and get access to the tutorials​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Visit our CST Studio Suite page to learn more about applications, capabilities, hardware requirements, and more.


EM Simulation for Automotive Applications

cst for automotive datasheet
(Click cover to download)

Antenna Magus

cst antenna magus

The Antenna Magus Student Edition​​​​​​​ is available for Windows only and includes design capabilities for 12 popular antenna types. Antenna Magus Student Edition also includes tools for synthesis and analysis of basic antenna arrays and a selection of useful antenna design utilities.

High quality simulation models of the designs created using Antenna Magus Student Edition can be generated. These models are fully compatible with CST Studio Suite and some models are also compatible with CST Studio Suite Student Edition

Even if you are not affiliated with an academic institution, you can immediately download and try out Antenna Magus Student Edition for free.

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