Arts can’t be spelled without “t”(echnology) and “s”(cience)

Last week we had students from Dayspring School of the Arts visit to learn more about 3D printers.  Since the school is primarily geared towards the arts, this was a new experience for all of them.  They were from different science classes and from the robotics team.  We discussed a variety of printers and their uses.  We discussed the printer on the International Space Station and how 3D printers could change what astronauts eat in the future.  They especially liked that astronauts no longer have to subsist on instant coffee(3D printed cups use surface tension to keep the coffee contained) and may someday be able to print off food like shown below with the pizza printer.

Pizza printer

We saw a wide variety of prosthetics and dental applications of 3D printing.  While talking about 3D printing in the pediatrics field we found out that the son of one of the chaperones had actually had a life-saving operation where the doctor used 3D printing to prep for the surgery!  We also saw 3D printed chocolate, fossils, and prototypes of all kinds!  Being from an Arts school they especially liked the 3D printed instruments, so with a very interesting sound!  We had a lot of questions and a lot of fun!  The robotics teacher was practically (literally) bouncing at all the applications he could imagine.  All of the kids were able to go home with printed keychains.  It was fun to see the students’ excitement and was a good reminder at how fun my job is!



We look forward for other opportunities to share this wonderful technology with others!

Chad Whitbeck, CSWP

Applications Engineer, CATI


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