Autoview - Displaying Autoview fonts

One question I have gotten int he past and now again recently is how to display ACAD fonts in my Autoview (Embedded SmarTeam) viewer.

So here it goes,

Search for your existing AVX.INI file on your local PC.. typically in the root of C:windows..

Add the following lines under the [Options] header
XFONTPATHS=c:Fonts (or your AutoCAD fonts Path!!)

In real life, you should put a copy of the ACAD Fonts Dir on the network somewhere and then modify the path in the avx.ini to point to it.

This avx.ini file will need to be copied onto every PC
-Shouldn’t need Admin rights and IT could put it in their domain logon script and not even visit the PC’s
-We can also attach a simple script to the login trigger in SmarTeam and do it our selves if required.)

Please let me know if you have troubles with this.

Scott Evans

InFlow Technology, LLC

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