Using SolidWorks Simplified Configurations in SmarTeam

Simplified Configuration Extension (SCE) is a suffix added to a configuration that allows users to display and use multiple configurations while maintaining only ONE profile card.

1. In solidworks, Select smarteam menu and click on options. Type [*] in the simplified configuration extension field.

2. Start System configuration editor [Start/All programs/ Smarteam/ Administrative tools/System configuration editor]

3. Search for “simplified” in system configuration editor                      

4. Click on legacy preferences.config setting 

5. Select “Add Value”

6. Select “Domain” for the override level and add (*) for the value. Click on save changes 


7. A part in solidworks with three configurations..


In this example, since asterix [*] is the simplified configuration, we can create multiple configurations with any text (Default, expl, flat) within the brackets. The name of the configuration itself should be the same. Case sensitivity MUST be followed. We cannot have Test, test, TEST…

8. Other than [ ] the following special characters are supported :

Special characters are:
! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) –

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