Best Practices - FDM TPU 92A

, Best Practices – FDM TPU 92A

TPU Material Handling

Proper storage of the TPU material spool is critical.  When removing TPU spools from the system, place the material spool in the Mylar bag as soon as possible.  This will prevent moisture from getting into the material.  Wet material can damage the print head and should not be used.  For extended non-use periods greater than 48 hours, unload the material from the head and wind back onto the spool. Store in the material bay.  Environments with high humidity should unload the material after 36 hours, or sooner.
Note: If the machine has been idle with TPU material loaded for more than 48 hours, unload the filament and cut off 6 feet of the filament end and reload into the printer

The TPU Print Head

The TPU head can be identified by the bright blue color.  It is optimized and designed for use with the TPU material and is not compatible with any other material.  We can currently print in .010″ layers with a soluble support material.

Part Packing

Every TPU print requires a full height purge part.  The purge part enables faster head swaps and better control of purge material (purging conditions the liquefier) which ensures part quality.  Place the purge part close to the first part in the pack or next to the tallest part.

More Tips…

Keep an eye on our blogs for future tips and tricks with TPU and all other printing materials.

Jeremy Marvin
Application Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, LLC

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