CATI 3D Scanning Product Announcement

CATI is proud to announce a new addition to our 3D printing lineup… CREAFORM 3D Scanners

Do you find yourself in the situation of having legacy parts without having either the 2D drawing or 3D CAD? Instead of hand measuring and designing the part “from scratch” why not scan the object to get the information you need. Do you outsource work to vendors and have a need to verify the parts received to the CAD model? Do you manufacture parts and inspect against the CAD model?

The GoScan 20 and 50 models used for quick data and measurement capture or the Handyscan 700 for metrology grade measurements provide everything you need in a hand-held device. The VX Scan Software Module processing software will allow you to go from scan to 3D print by exporting an stl file. If you need to reverse engineer the scanned part CREAFORM offers an affordable yet powerful tool to work with the scan data and directly import into SOLIDWORKS.

3D Scanners


All Creaform portable 3D scanners feature the following…

Accurate measurements…

Ensure highly-accurate measurements, regardless of the environment or operator skills. Creaform scanners use software algorithms that simplify the measurement process and greatly increase data accuracy.


Creaform 3D scanners are handheld, light and fit into a small suitcase. Because they have no mechanical constraint, they allow total freedom of movement and can be used virtually anywhere.

Ease of use…

Straight-forward data acquisition process that generates extra fast results, with real-time visualization and direct mesh output. Our 3D scanners are up and running in less than 5 minutes and require no rigid set-up nor particular experience from the user. You can scan parts in virtually any size, material or color.

VXelements: Scan Software Module (included)

VXscan is designed to capture and optimize 3D scan data. VXscan delivers high performance for the specific task, yet is simple and user-friendly enough to suit any user’s experience level.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Surface optimization… avoid multiple scan layers
  • Direct mesh output… export in standard format including stl
  • Real-time visualization… view the surface as the object is scanned
  • Scan editing… fill holes, smart triangle decimation, edge filters, etc.

VXmodel: Scan-to-CAD Software Module (add-on)

VXmodel is simple, yet powerful which includes the features necessary to complement your CAD software. You have the design and modeling capabilities in your CAD software already, VXmodel provides the tools you need for quick and seamless integration into the “scan-based” design process. Check out the scan to 3D print workflow below.


Original scan data


Clean-up & alignment


Extract NURB surfaces/cross-sections/ entities


Mesh editing… export to stl for 3D printing or…


Seamless transfer to CAD for reverse engineering


3D Print


Thank you,

Computer Aided Technology, Inc

Derek Ellis, Applications Engineer

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