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CATI is hosting a series of events in Midwest area focusing on all stages involved in engineering a product. The event covers how to design, simulate, publish and manage engineering data.  It is a great event to meet fellow engineers in your area, also put face to voices you hear on support team. Our technical staff will be happy to answer questions and be set up to walk you through specific scenarios. Here is a link to register for the event.

I will be hosting 2 sessions at these events

(a)    Design Validation with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

 This one hour session is geared towards management and users. We will address typical concerns an engineering team has in their design process.  Simulating designs can significantly impact a design cycle (concept to production). Any design goes through its fare share of changes before it is approved for production. Identifying design flaws early, reduces prototypes, adds engineering efficiency, and boosts end user confidence in your ability. With current technology and work flow running multiple design scenarios on computer costs a fraction of prototyping a single design.  We will demonstrate your intuition is good enough to get started with analysis tools.

 (b) Simulation beyond SOLIDWORKS Premium

Engineers are curious beings, simply figuring out how a design works is not good enough, we are constantly trying to improve. This session will go beyond testing components for applied load. We will use features in simulation to reduce weight and increase efficiency of a design. From a load case scenario, we will cover not just structural loads (force, torque, friction) but also temperature and fluid pressure.

There are tons of door prizes and quizzes to win. Please make sure you are charged enough…..

Rajat Trehan

Product Manager – Design Validation

Computer Aided Technology Inc.

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