Creaform VXmodel Software…A Series

Last week was my first week back from Creaform training on the Go!SCAN 20 and HandySCAN 700 handheld scanners, along with VXelements for scanning acquisition and VXmodel for pre-processing scan data for reverse engineering and direct translation into SOLIDWORKS. I had no idea VXmodel was so powerful yet user-friendly. This, coming from a guy who has not touched CAD for quite some time!

One of our first projects was to scan a figurine of a lion, save the top scan, scan the underneath side, then import and merge the scans by picking common points. You also have the option of a best fit alignment using the texture.


Merge of 2 scans


Merge of 2 scans including texture with auto fill holes and isolated patches removed. Now you can export to stl for 3D printing.


Or… auto surface for direct SOLIDWORKS translation


Surfaced VXmodel direct transfer to SOLIDWORKS for reverse engineering


Upcoming blogs, working with mechanical parts and creating feature entities inside VXmodel for reverse engineering.


Derek Ellis

Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology, Inc


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