Dimension 1200 Loss of Extrusion and Tip Replacement

There are times when your printer may experience a loss of extrusion condition. The print head may be moving with no material coming out of one or both of the tips. To diagnose and recover from a loss of extrusion condition go into Maintenance Mode.

Press Maintenance-Machine-Head

The head will move to the center of the chamber.

The display will read Model Drive Motor Stopped.

Press Forward and the drive motor should start turning.

It may take up to 30 seconds for the tip to reach the correct temperature.

Model material should start extruding from the tip.

Press stop to stop extruding material.

You can switch over to the Support side by pressing Select Drive.

Now the printer will be ready to extrude from the Support tip.

Press Forward.

Material should then extrude from the Support tip.

Press Stop to stop the extruding of material.

If either the Model or Support tip does not extrude material there are some things you can do to try to fix it.

The tip may be clogged.

, Dimension 1200 Loss of Extrusion and Tip Replacement

Remove the Head Cover by pressing in on the tabs on the side of the cover and then pull the cover away from the head.

Inspect the tops of the tips for material build up or material mushrooming out of the top of the tip.

If there is material build up at the top of the tip or material wrapped around the roller or anywhere else in the head area

follow the instructions below for Recovering From Loss of Extrusion.

If no material is built up on the top of the tips Press Maintenance-Machine-Head 

Select the drive for the tip that is not extruding and press Forward.

Press Blower off. This will turn off the blower for 10 seconds and allow the tip to heat up beyond operating temperature and can

unclog a tip that is not extruding.

You can continue to turn off the blower several times to allow the tip to continue to heat up.

Once the tip starts to extrude material again leave the blower on and let the material flow out of the tip for a while to make sure the tip is completely unclogged.

If turning the blower off does not unclog the tip try the Recovering From Loss of Extrusion instructions below.


If you still have issues you should replace the tips and then run the calibrations.

You will need a new, unused tray to run the calibrations.

You can order new trays and tips here:


Tip replacement and Calibration instructions can be found at the link below


If you have any questions please give us a call today!

Paula Durham
Field Service Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, LLC

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