Disabling the Tree view in Autoview

A Comment I frequently get when talking to SmarTeam users is that ehy don’t like the tree view coming up and taking so much space inside the viewer window when using Autoview… and is there a way to disable that.

There is indeed a way to suppress the bookmarks tree. You can either go to the viewer’s toolbar and select ‘Show/Hide Tree Model’ icon for a 1 time change, or you can do the following to make it default turned off:

1 – Shut down SmarTeam
2 – Go to your C:WINDOWS folder and open AVWIN.INI (which would have to be done per client)
3 – Under the [Options] section, add the following:
4 – Save and close avwin.ini
5 – Launch SmarTeam. Now when you load a file, the tree should not appear.

Please let us know if you have any issues getting this feature to work.

Scott Evans – Consulting Manager

InFlow Technology, LLC

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