Exploring the SOLIDWORKS CommandManager

SOLIDWORKS users have a variety of ways to get to commands. Most often it’s a combination of the CommandManager and the Menu bar (pull-down menus.)

What is the CommandManager?

The CommandManager is the context-sensitive toolbar that offers the user an organized set of command for different functions. By default, the CommandManager is positioned at the top of the screen. The CommandManager offers different default toolbars depending on what function you are in (i.e. part, drawing, assembly, etc.)


Accessing the CommandManager

The CommandManager can be enabled by going to Tools > Customize . Uncheck to disable it. To change button size, check or uncheck the Use large buttons with text option.













A right-mouse click on any CommandManager Tab offers the same Customize and button options.






The Use Large Buttons with Text option will remove the titles of each button resulting in a more compact toolbar.


Floating / Docking the CommandManager

At some time or another, we have all moved the CommandManager away from its docking position which is called Floating. This happens by dragging or double-clicking the CommandManager and it becomes a separate window that can be moved anywhere on or outside of the SOLIDWORKS window.

The CommandManager can be docked back in a location by dragging the CommandManager tab on the SOLIDWORKS window, move the pointer over 1 of the docking arrows.


(TIP: Double-click the floating Command Manager to revert to the last docking position.)

Adding a Custom Tab to the CommandManager

Users can create an entirely new CommandManager Toolbar by right-mouse clicking on a CommandManager tab, and select Customize CommandManager.

Right-mouse click on tab SolidWorks . Click Rename Tab. Type a new name for the tab and click ok.


Adding CommandManager Tool Buttons

Right-mouse click any CommandManager tab and click Customize CommandManager.

Catagories include Features, Sketch, Surfaces, Sheet Metal, Weldments. Mold Tools, Data Migration, Direct Editing, DimXpert, Render Tools, SOLIDWWORKS Add-Ins & SOLIDWORKS MBD**.











(** new for SOLIDWORKS 2015,: SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition.)

Toggle the check box on or off to show visibility of the desired CommandManager Toolbar.

Changing Tool Button Labels

Any tool button label can be changed. Right-click a CommandManager button and click Customize CommandManager to open the Customize dialog box. With the dialog box open, right-click a tool button on the CommandManager and select one of the following:

  • Show Text shows the tool name.
  • Text Below positions the text below the button. Clear to position the text beside the button.
  • Begin a Group groups related buttons.
  • Delete removes the button.





















Thank you for exploring the CommandManager with me. Remember when you customize, you need to use the Copy Settings Wizard feature in SOLIDWORKS. For the Copy Settings Wizard, see this blog from a few years back.

Judy Marlo

CATI Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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