Fabricate Release Notes - Version 1.16

Version 1.16

New Features & Enhancements

  • Job status can now be updated from the Job History.
  • When resending a Job History, the job will be rolled back to sending and will trigger a send of the same job to the device. The job is removed from display on the dashboard.
  • Deleting a model from the Models page now deletes all related Intellectual Property for that model, including g code and images.
  • More Furnace nesting improvements.
  • Updated the ultra high profile to reduce warping in 250um parts.
  • Cura users can now print more than 3 support wall outlines (if settings are “unlocked”).
  • Build plate support settings are now are now all linked with their corresponding interior support setting.
  • Fixed issues with temperature not showing up in Fabricate.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “Read Contract” link in Acknowledgement & Acceptance.
  • Fixed searching by jobID in Job History.
  • Fixed issue with PTC Pro/E and Creo part file uploads.
  • Cleaned up warning messages for parts exceeding weight limits.
  • Fixed issue with certain custom settings causing slicer failure.
  • Fixed inconsistent sinter times across all pages where it is displayed.
  • Improved consistency of part naming on import.
  • Fixed issue where some parts would display an “Exceeded Boundary Limits’ error inappropriately.
  • All custom settings that are shared between extruders are now appropriately showing the link icon.

John Dessoffy
Field Support Manager
Computer Aided Technology, LLC


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