Customers often ask me – where can I get more training? The part of my answer that I’d like to focus on and share with you today is where I direct them to check out the proceedings from SOLIDWORKS World:


SOLIDWORKS World is the annual conference for all things SOLIDWORKS. It is held every year in the late-January to early-February time frame. If you have never attended, it is definitely worth the experience. Talk to your employer and get registered for the next one!

During the conference, dozens of presentations are offered over a period of 3 days that aim to increase your knowledge of SOLIDWORKS as well as some SOLIDWORKS-related topics. There are so many that you will often need to decide which session to attend over another.

The good news for conference attendees – and you – is that nearly all the sessions are recorded and published on the website I presented earlier. The only sessions that are not recorded are the hands-on sessions, where attendees are offered the opportunity to run the software themselves during the conference. All other sessions have expert SOLIDWORKS users sharing with you some of their hard-earned SOLIDWORKS knowledge for FREE!

This training resource should really be at the top of your list, second only to live classroom training. The main reason for that is that all presentations have to be accepted in order to get on the agenda. In other words, they don’t let just anyone who wants to present at SOLIDWORKS World. This means that as the consumer, you can put a high level of trust that what you are learning is quality material.

Another great resource for free training is With over 700 different lessons this tool is the best way to learn at your own pace. MySOLIDWORKS lessons include example files, explanations, videos and quizzes to help you learn all things SOLIDWORKS.

YouTube occupies the next area on the list for free training, but you have to do some work in order to find good material. Hint: start with channels and try not to get distracted!!

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