GrabCAD 1.19/1.20 Updates

GrabCAD Print version 1.19, June 2018

Build number released on 15 June 2018

  • When you click Print to send a job to your PolyJet printer, a warning will be shown if the printer doesn’t have enough material loaded or if the waste bin is full.
  • Jobs containing a large number of duplicate files will process faster than before. Additionally, file loading times for complex or multi-body VRML files has improved by 60-80%.
  • You can now export the printer configuration file whether you are connected to the printer locally or remotely through GrabCAD Print Server.
  • GrabCAD Print now supports the new Stratasys F900 system type. The Stratasys F900 is the replacement to the Fortus 900mc system, and includes an upgraded moisture control system and general system enhancements.

GrabCAD Print version 1.20, July 2018

Build number released on 18 July 2018

  • Delayed start for PolyJet printers is now available! When your PolyJet printer is Idle and the queue is empty, you can now schedule your print to begin at a specified time after you hit the Print button. Note that this feature not yet available if you are remotely connected to your printer through GrabCAD Print Server.
  • In the Schedule View, you can now click a button on the camera image for your F123 Series printers to enlarge it to full resolution. The same feature is available for the job preview image for all printers.
  • After 3 months of testing, Connex3 systems are fully supported by GrabCAD Print. Read through the setup guide to get started (view link below)
  • GrabCAD Print now supports the new Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition printer.
  • Your login session for GrabCAD Print will only expire after 2 months of inactivity. Previously the expiration was 1 week.
  • If you purchased the new Vivid Vero materials for your PolyJet printer, they are now available to select in GrabCAD Print.
  • Files in locations managed by Microsoft OneDrive will fail to load in GrabCAD Print. As a workaround, please copy files to your Desktop first.
  • Splitting a large model over multiple jobs is only possible with Insight or Catalyst.
  • For a list of other features only available with Insight or Control Center (view link below)

Dominick Damato
Field Service Tech – Team Lead
Computer Aided Technology, Inc

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