GrabCad 1.25 Release

GrabCAD Print version 1.25, January 2019

Build number released on 4 January 2019

  • The per-machine installer which was released for beta testing in 1.16 is now generally available from In addition to being much more stable than the current per-user installer, it allows for deployment at schools and enterprise organizations by IT system admins. For more information and instructions on switching over, read our help article.
  • OBJ and VRML files with self-intersections, water tightness / open faces issues, and inverted normals can now be repaired by GrabCAD Print before printing to PolyJet technologies. To try it out, please contact
  • Tooltips on the Print Settings panel explain the behavior of variable width fill, part build style, purge part or sacrificial tower type, system mode, and first layer material. The tip content adapts to only show content for the available options for the action.

Dominick Damato
Field Service Engineer – Tech lead
Computer Aided Technology, LLC

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