GrabCad Print Updates 1.15 & 1.16

GrabCAD Print updates 1.15 1.16
GrabCAD Print version 1.16, March 2018

  • A completely new installer is available for GrabCAD Print for per-machine installations. This will allow GrabCAD Print to be easily installed on computer lab PCs, as well as deployed on a corporate level by system admins. Read more here and email to request access.
  • The latest versions of CAD packages are now supported. This includes SOLIDWORKS 2018, Creo 4.0, Inventor 2018, and more. Read the full list here.
  • In the last update, we introduced a new feature that allows you to sync the print settings with the current configuration of the selected printer. In this update, we’ve made this behavior automatic — right when you launch the app.
  • The material used in the support grid for PolyJet prints (usually VeroPureWht) is now specified in the estimation results window instead of saying “Others.”

GrabCAD Print version 1.15, February 2018

  • The Print Settings Panel for FDM printers has been given a new look and feel. You’ll see an indication when your settings are different from the current printer configuration, and with one click you can update all the settings to match. Additionally, the settings of any newly created tray will always match the one you’re currently viewing, to speed up print preparation for projects with multiple trays.
  • A new slider is available in the Arrange tool that controls the “Optimize” checkbox for PolyJet users. You can control whether the arrangement is optimized for minimal print time or minimal support material usage.
  • FIXED: If the Schedule View is left on screen for some time, the “Now” line will stay in place, rather than slowly moving out of view.


Dominick Damato
Computer Aided Technology
Field Service Engineer

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