GrabCAD Print version 1.31

GrabCAD Print version 1.31, June 2019

Build number 1.31.52720.53058 released on 20 June 2019

  • Advanced FDM, which was introduced in 1.24 for the F900, F370, and Fortus printers, is now available for the F170 and F270. Advanced FDM allows you to customize infill in different sections of the model using the actual CAD geometry, as well as modify hole geometry for printability. Read more here.
  • The Advanced Slicer, available now in File > Preferences > Polyjet, brings J750 and J735 users a whole host of improvements and new features:
    • Pantone® validated colors in the color picker.
    • VRMLs with transparency in the texture will use a clear core.
    • Improved estimations and print accuracy for small features and text.
    • Custom support options which fix the “support shadow” effect on vertical walls that have holes.
    • Custom part priority when assembly components overlap.
    • Full control over part placement on the tray.
  • The new version of GrabCAD Print Server runs as a Windows service, it will continue to run even if your Windows user is logged out. Additionally, it is compatible with Windows Server 2012, and can be installed alongside the per-machine version of GrabCAD Print. This upgrade is not automatic, you must download the new version here. For help with installation, click here.
  • Analysis Mode can now repair mesh errors in textured VRML files.
  • The error message when you try to add a model from a CAD package which is not yet supported, such as Inventor 2020, will now be more informative than a generic failure.
  • For FDM printers, supports are generated wherever the angle of the part surface drops below a specified value, known as the self-supporting angle, and now that value is adjustable in the Print Settings panel. You can increase or decrease the amount of supports that are generated, and also restore the value to the default recommendation, which varies for different printers and materials.
  • Adding a CAD or CMB file that does not match the file or settings in the current GrabCAD Print project generates a conflict instead of an error, a new warning allows you to save changes and open a new project.

Brian Maxwell
Field Service Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, LLC

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