GrabCAD Print version 1.40

GrabCAD Print version 1.40, April 2020

  • SOLIDWORKS part files, including multi-body files, will now include color data applied at the face-level for PolyJet printing. Previously, only colors applied at the body level were included in GrabCAD Print.
  • Test how colors will appear in the printed model on your PolyJet printer by creating a swatch of user-selected colors. Access the Color Swatch tool by going to Apps > Color Swatch Tool.
  • GrabCAD Print now enables users to print larger PolyJet trays by optimizing the GPU memory consumption of your computer. The feature can be enabled in Preferences > PolyJet > Heavy tray optimization.
  • The Advanced Slicer is now the only available slicer for the Stratasys J750 and Stratasys J735. The legacy slicer is no longer available for these printers. There is no change to other PolyJet printers.
  • When sending a job from standalone Insight to GrabCAD Print, the standalone version must be the same version or later than the Insight version available with GrabCAD Print or the job will not be sent.
  • We’ve upgraded GrabCAD Print’s core component to the latest version available. This not only fixes some outstanding issues, such as loading files from a OneDrive folder, it also improves overall performance and startup time.
  • GrabCAD Print can now import 3MF files from many CAD tools, in the case of SOLIDWORKS created 3MF files, this includes: face color, body-color, and textures. For PolyJet printers assemblies will have a flat structure and for FDM printers there will be no assembly structure.
  • FDM-specific Improvements
    • To provide better overall part quality when using TPU 92A on the Stratasys F370 printer, the width range for variable width remnant fill has been reduced.
    • The angle for self-supporting holes has been increased to 55 degrees to accommodate the self-supporting angle for material Diran 410mf07.
    • Resolved an issue where incomplete support might be generated for some models and orientations.
  • The default name assigned to a Group, introduced in GrabCAD Print 1.36, can now be renamed to one more logical to the user.Brian Maxwell
    Field Service Engineer
    Computer Aided Technology, LLC


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