How do you print different durometers with image wrapped parts (OBJs and VRMLs)?

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Using Stratasys’ newest rubber-like material (Agilus White) is necessary to change the durometer. Its use in VRMLs and OBJs is limited right now, but it is possible.

There isn’t a button or bar in GrabCAD Print that allows you to adjust it. You must load Agilus White instead of Vero White in your color palette. When you do this, it will print the soft Agilus White where it would normally print the rigid Vero White. You adjust the durometer by changing the color of the part from lighter to darker (more or less white pigment). See the image below for example:


This technique is very useful for optimizing realism in parts that you want to feel more like a soft rubber rather than a hard plastic.

These bath toys are a great example of this. Printing these in only rigid materials does not give them a very realistic or inviting feel since these toys are supposed to feel soft and child-friendly. When printed with Agilus White rather than Vero White, the color stays more or less the same, but the parts are now soft to touch and much more closely resemble a soft rubber.

Cody Doiron
Application Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, LLC

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