How Many Hours Are You Wasting in SOLIDWORKS?

How many times have you made a purchase only to discover features and/or functionality weeks, months, even years later? Proper training is a critical component to the success of any SOLIDWORKS user.  With SOLIDWORKS training, users are statistically more productive and accurate.

, How Many Hours Are You Wasting in SOLIDWORKS?








Here are some quick SOLIDWORKS training statistics:

1. An untrained user may require up to 22.5 hours to acquire the same skill level that it takes a trained employee just 5 hours to master.


2. For every hour of training, end users require 0.5 hours less help from peers and support desks compared to untrained users.


3. For every hour of training, end users spend 0.5 hours less time finding and correcting errors versus untrained users.


We want our customers to take full advantage of their technology investment and learn to work more efficiently. To do so, we offer several types of training including:

Instructor-Led Training

Be more efficient and learn new skills when you take classes taught by award-winning, certified training instructors who provide the individual attention you need. Receive training manuals and files that guide you through the class and serve as great resources when you are back on the job. Take a look at the extensive range of instructor-led training programs that are available in your local area.


Self-Paced Training

If learning on your own at your own pace works better for you and your tight schedule then tap into the benefits of the online e-learning experience. Work as fast as you want, on the days and at the times that work best for you. It’s convenient and available 24/7.


Custom Training 

Can’t find the training you want? Need specialized training or extra support, no problem. Let us custom develop training programs to specifically meet your needs. Our experienced training advisors can help you get the training that’s best for you. 


At 3DVision Technologies, we believe in teaching our customers the skills required to realize the productivity improvements our products and solutions are designed to deliver.  Our Instructors are SOLIDWORKS certified and they use the software daily.  They also run into many of the issues that you face every day.

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