How to change your SOLIDWORKS Desktop Icon

I got an interesting email into Support the other day and thought it would be something other users would be interested in.

"I'd like to change the desktop icon to a Pac-Man icon so I can put it next to the AutoCAD icon (I've already changed this to a blue ghost) and make it look like SOLIDWORKS is about to eat AutoCAD. However, I cannot change the icon using the normal method. Can this be done?"

Unfortunately SOLIDWORKS does not allow you to Right Click on their icons and go to Properties and select the Change Icon. I did a little research and could not find a way to get this done easily so I went back to the customer and while I was trying to find a way to get it done they came up with a creative workaround.

Their steps were:

  1. Make a shortcut to some other file
  2. Change the icon
  3. Redirect the new icon to SolidWorks

?And here are their results.



Josh Altergott

Support Team Leader


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