Killing the SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler!

    I have had a couple of panic calls on the support lines in the last couple of months with people trying to figure out how to kill or stop the SOLIDWORKS task scheduler once you pull the trigger. Its like a self replicating virus. You kill all of the processes that you think should do it. Nope. You restart the computer. Yeah this will work! Only to find out that as soon as you log-on she starts right back up.

Now what??????

    Here are the steps to shut it down peacefully.

    All task scheduler completed and scheduled jobs are stored in the Microsoft® Access database file "C:Program FilesSolidWorksswschedulerswbo1.mdb".

Windows XP USERS– You need to find and kill (delete) With Windows® Explorer navigate to C:Documents and Settings<USER NAME>Application DataSOLIDWORKS 20xxScheduler_2swbo1.mdb and rename (or delete) the file to swbo1.mdb.bak for XP

Windows 7 USERS-Find and kill (delete). With Windows® Explorer navigate to C:Users<USER NAME>AppDataRoamingSOLIDWORKS 20XXScheduler_16 and rename the file (or delete) to swbo1.mdb.bak for WIN 7 (HIDDEN OS FILES)

    This should kill the process and you should be able to work without the task scheduler working in the background.


Todd Werginz

Applications Engineer

Computer Aided Technology

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