Mesh Sectioning Enhances Understanding of Simulation Studies

As discussed in our 2016 Blog series, there have been many enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2016.  A new and very useful tool in understanding the internal results of simulation studies has been created.  This tool is mesh sectioning.  It is available in both as a basic mesh plot and inside results plots. 

To create a basic mesh sectioning of a file, right-click on mesh and select “Create Mesh Plot.”  Select “Mesh” under “Display.” 

Mesh display

Once the mesh quality plot has been created you can right-click on it and select “Mesh Sectioning.”   This works just like Section Views in how it is created.

Mesh section

This allows you to see how the part/assembly is broken up internally in mesh elements.

Mesh sectioning

This same process can be applied to results plots like Stress, Displacement, etc.  Make sure the plot is visible, then right-click on it under the Results folder and select “Mesh Sectioning.”  The propertymanager looks exactly the same as when doing a basic mesh section.  This will give greater understanding to what is happening internally to the part/assembly.


Chad Whitbeck, CSWP

Applications Engineer, CATI

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