My FDM printer has no power

On rare occasions your FDM machine may have no power and nothing you do will get it to boot up.  There are several causes of this fault.  It may be that your outlet is faulty or something is wrong with the machine.  Your first step should be to plug the machine into another outlet if possible.  Or plug something else into the machines outlet to verify that the incoming power is working.  If the power outlet is working then the next step is to check the thermal snap switch.  The switch is triggered when the machine detects a higher than normal temperature, or a power surge. Please follow the instructions below to reset the switch.  But first make sure the machines power cord is unplugged from the machine.

First, take the right cover off by removing the screws from the back of the machine.

Remove the heat shield.

, My FDM printer has no power

Reset the switch, if this does not resolve your issue please contact your service provider.

, My FDM printer has no power

This will work with uPrint and Dimension class as well as the Fortus 250

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