No Internet Connection Activation

Eventually you’ll have to get to the internet somehow to activate your SOLIDWORKS products. Let’s face it, how would we live without it at this point? SOLIDWORKS is completely activation based now for all products which requires some sort of connection to the big bad web somewhere sometime.

Some users do not wish to have their workstations connected at all do to various reasons. The main one’s being security threats, resource suckers and general distractions from the main goal which is productivity. However you still need to activate your SOLIDWORKS within the 30 day grace period to get it to fully function.

Here is the process:

1.   When prompted to activate your products, SOLIDWORKS will always default to the “Automatically Over the Internet (recommended)” check box.

2. Select the Manual via email option.

3. Press the Save button on the next screen and save the file.

, No Internet Connection Activation


4. Get a copy of the saved file to a flash drive or some other removable media.

5. Send the file that was generated to

6. Wait for the response file to come back. This will not be instantaneous!

7. Once your response file has been emailed to you repeat the process listed above in reverse. This time pressing the “Open” to read the response file.

, No Internet Connection Activation

That should do it. You can now concentrate all your efforts on designing which is why you have SOLIDWORKS in the first place.

Todd Werginz


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