No One Wants to Buy 2D software

For the past several years, I have been blogging on both our InFlow Technology and CATI pages about my trials and tribulations faced as a PLM sales guy. So get this…last year, SOLIDWORKS and its parent company, Dassault Systemes, announced that they had developed DraftSight, a 2D application that would compete with market leaders in the 2D space. Further, the plan was to give away its 2D solution for free.

Yep, download it for free. No demonstration. No negotiation. No promotion. Free. As a sales guy, free isn't something I was familiar with. I spent about 5 hours on Wikipedia, and I think I am clear on the concept now.

The theory behind DraftSight being free is simple: 2D technology hasn't evolved much since the invention of the bag phone, so why charge people for it? Give it away, allow companies to maintain and edit their library of DWG files, and allow them to invest their money in leading edge technology that will have a true impact on their business.

This poses an interesting question: If Dassault is giving away its new technology for free, it's curious to know that the market leader in 2D technology is threatening to increase prices on its offering in the near future; at least, according to a Midwest reseller:

For those of you that haven't downloaded DraftSight for free (did I mention it's free?), please see the link above. Give it a try. If anyone wants to thank me for saving them a ton of money on their 2D maintenance fees, an iTunes gift card would be fine…or you could buy a seat of SOLIDWORKS Premium for 50% off this month (click for details)?

Your call.

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